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Allow me to introduce to you my wife Kelly. She is sincere and truly has a mission to provide insight into protecting oneself from harmful chemicals and providing amazing and effective skin care products with powerful anti-aging formulations.  We joined forces and spent five years searching for a chemist who also shared the same concerns for safe and effective skin care.

She has been in the health and beauty field for 25 years. Twenty five years ago she was crowned Miss New England. She was successful as a model and developed a great interest for make up and beauty. Kelly studied under placeHollywood make up artist, Michael Maron. Her other studies included color analysis theory and nutrition.  For several years, she worked at the Norwich Inn and Spa as a body and skin care therapist. While at the Spa, Kelly worked on several celebrities including, Barbara Streisand, Joan Rivers, Brooke Shields and Carly Simon to name just a few.

She was the Spa's make up artist and also did make up lectures for the guests.  I remember her always telling me that the night after her lectures at the Spa she was always booked solid for consultations the next day and of ten sold out of the products that she represented for them.

Where ever we go, when it comes to skin care and make up, I've watched Kelly inspire both women and men about the subject she loves and knows so much about. We've decided to join together to develop this dream of hers.

We invite you to join in with our mission on educating the public about the harmful chemicals in products that have short and long term effects. We use various products on our skin everyday, from deodorant, moisturizer, soap, perfume, aftershave and sunscreen, or whatever it is that you use. We tend to think that products we put on the surface of our skin stay on the exterior of our body. The skin that protects our body also absorbs what we put on our body.    

The largest organ of the human body is the skin. This organ is an amazing two way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration, and absorbed through the skin into the body's circulatory system through hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Every square inch of your skin has hundreds of pores, absorbing into the body most of what is put on it. However, people are so set in their thinking that the skin is outside their body and therefore feel safe with this barrier of protection which they believe is not vulnerable to invasion.
Not so! Like a Trojan Horse, chemicals invade your body secretly every time one exposes their skin to products that have harmful chemicals. An example of how absorbable the skin is would be the nicotine patch that smokers use to help break their habit. What about hormone patches that women use to help them through menopause and Dramamine patches for those that are subject to motion sickness? By simply putting one of these patches on your skin, the drugs are released into the body.   

Therefore our skin can be nourished from the outside with healthy ingredients or harmed by exposure to harmful chemical ingredients that skin care manufactures put into products. We would never take these chemicals orally, but by putting them on our skin, we literally are eating it.

Most skin creams contain parabens in the form of propyl, menthyl and butyl. The parabens are known to be xenoestrogens and are now being investigated by the European Union as a contributor to breast cancer.  
Because it is a known medical fact that our skin is permeable, there is rising concern that many of the chemicals that skin care and make-up manufactures use are linked to many health concerns including hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, immune system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, prostate and breast cancers and childhood health problems to name a few. Wouldn't it be prudent to educate oneself about the possible consequences of using products with harmful ingredients?


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