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Missile Base informational kit with DVD

Possible Former Missile Bases Silohome for Sale Estate Uses

For most `These Silohome's can be built in various ways.   From the 2,300 square foot 2 level underground living area (LCC) and the  silo tube's extra 12,000 square feet of extra space for storage or future expansion. The possibilities are endless…
Underground Apartment Complex
     Use the 12,000 square foot silo tube to create an underground apartment complex with 10 or more studio style living spaces. Use the Launch Control Center (LCC) for dining, entertainment or just congregating. Use the existing spiral staircase or install an elevator to make life easier!

Data Storage Facility
     Store and protect sensitive computer data by using the available 12,000 square feet in the silo tube. The cool, below-ground temperatures will help keep servers from overheating. Have somebody live in the Launch Control Center (LCC) and maintain your network. The discrete location, gated keypad security, 15,000 pound blast doors and easily installable security cameras means that security will never be an issue with this property the perfect business model.

Hollywood Location Shoots
     This incredible underground shelter can be used to show off whatever it is you're into! Whether you want to make a movie about the end of the world or just have some fun public events, the Silohome is the perfect location. It's already been featured in the July 2011 issue of Playboy magazine and featured on HGTV's game show “It's Worth What!?” Get paid as much to $7,000 a day for location shoots and show the world your cool new top-secret underground home!

Corporate Meeting Center
     Looking for somewhere to bring your employees for that exciting corporate seminar? Want to have a great company getaway? With the secure location, you'll be sure that nobody interrupts the business side of things. There's plenty of entertainment nearby including Lake Placid, White Face Mountain and more, all within a 30 minute drive. CEO's can arrive in style with a private plane which can be safely protected from the elements in the on-site hangar(s). Other lots may be used for additional housing for management and employees.

Unique Underground Club
     Keep things classy by converting both the above ground home and the 2 level below ground Launch Control Center (LCC) living spaces into the ultimate nightclub! Offer your clientele a unique and secure experience that will keep them coming back for more. Jacuzzis, ambient lighting and plenty of room will make for an unbelievably good time that can only be found in your very own Silohome.     

Bed and Breakfast
      Utilize the 95 acres and 10 building lots for a mountain retreat.  The attraction of the silohome will create attraction for the business.

Recording studio
What band or recording artist would not appreciate the unique and quiet location and ambiance of a Silohome property.

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