Active site in  1962
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Missile Base Silohome Frequently Asked Questions
Is there Radon problems with these sites?  

All I can say is that with all of the 55 + hardened structures we have
worked with, we have never had a radon problem detected at any site
yet. We know there to be special water-proofing membranes lining the
exterior walls of the structures. These may well block radon gases if
they were to be present.
Don't know what else to say. Buyer can always do testing.
Ed Peden

Does Russia still have this site as a target?

NO.  This Atlas-F Series was finished before the SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty).  The Russians knew these sites were already obsolete  and decommissioned.

Are these sites contaminated?  

It would be wise to get an enviromental report from the Army Corps of Engineers.  Some have a contamination history and some don't.

Any questions you would like posted please E-mail us with your detailed inquiry.

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