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Total infrastructure/retrofit would cost roughly $35M - that includes all cooling via geothermal, making it an extremely inexpensive data center to operate.

Dedicated, dark fiber is available from the site to "carrier hotels" in NYC for a total of roughly $18k/month for 3 strands of dark fiber (non-redundant route). Certainly one could have a redundant route, or an additional feed to Montreal for minimal extra cost.

One would scrap every horizontal steel structural member and replace with all new horizontal structure. This would be cheaper than retrofitting the floors, as well as one would have 14 floors - 13 for data and one for mechanicals. Most mechanicals would be in the attached outside building via horizontal tunnel from level 1 to grade level.

13 levels with 100 racks/level, leasing simple, cheap rack-only space with 10KW/rack and unlimited throughput for $1000/rack/month. $100K/floor/month x 13 floors = $1.3M/month gross revenues at full operation. Take of $400k for utility/service/maintenance/staff ($0.04/kwh electrical cost, being a dedicated substation would exist on site offering direct, wholesale electric feed (this alone costs roughly $2M, included in above figures) and the monthly NET is $900k/month, or $10.8M/yr.

That's a 30% return/year, roughly. And the industry is growing at over 17% year and there is a huge shortage of data centers available - this is knowledge anyone could glean from publicly available industry news.

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